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Giving Back

Team Mandelbaum's Denim Day Raises Nearly $2,000 for "The Ally Project"

Team Mandelbaum's Denim Day Raises Nearly $2,000 for "The Ally Project"Team Mandelbaum is proud to announce that the Firm's August 2018 denim day raised nearly $2,000 for "The Ally Project." The Ally project was created by the children of one of our Partners and it is dedicated to raising funds for lung cancer research. The goal of the Ally Project is to ensure there are multiple treatment lines available for individuals suffering from lung cancer while promoting awareness to end the stigma that lung cancer only occurs in smokers. Team Mandelbaum is proud to support their efforts and that of other local charities through our monthly "denim day" whereby our attorneys and staff donate to a charitable organization in order to be able to wear jeans for the day.

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