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Divorce for Doctors

Divorce for Doctors


Healthcare professionals have unique considerations when faced with divorce. Their practice, reputation and livelihood are at stake. In order to prevent, among other things, practice interruption, loss of patients, and disproportionate support awards and division of assets, physicians and other healthcare professionals need an attorney with a firm understanding of various issues unique to the business and practice of medicine, which will directly impact support awards, the valuation of assets and equitable distribution of property, including:

  • business organizational structures and concepts for operations and billing;
  • the sources and allocation of revenue streams and operating expenses;
  • insurance coverage and fee dispute resolution;
  • compensation and earnings;
  • present and future earning capacity;
  • nature, extent and effect of ownership interests in medical practices, ambulatory surgical centers, laboratories, diagnostic testing centers, real estate, and equipment;
  • valuation of licenses, practices and other business interests, accounts receivable, goodwill, equipment, real estate, pensions, retirement accounts, deferred compensation plans, and other assets;
  • confidentiality agreements necessary to protect patient lists and other confidential and proprietary information related to the practice;
  • complex tax issues and implications relating to the foregoing.

As a result of the multitude of issues and factors unique to the industry, divorce for doctors and other healthcare professionals Practice Group is more akin to complex business litigation, and often requires special knowledge and expertise, in depth investigation and analysis, strategy and tactical execution well-beyond that which is required in typical matrimonial matters. 

The attorneys in Mandelbaum Salsburg’s Divorce for Doctors Practice Group have in-depth experience representing physicians and other healthcare providers in a wide variety of transactions, as well as in litigation and other disputes, and are uniquely qualified to provide high caliber representation and efficiently obtain excellent results for their clients in divorce proceedings in New Jersey and New York.

If you are considering marriage or a divorce, contact us for assistance in protecting your earnings, business interests and other assets. Members of our team are fluent in Arabic, Spanish, Bulgarian, and Portugese, and conversant in Hindi, Russian and Italian.



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