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Protecting Clients from Growing Threats to Their Information

Many of us do not think about how much of our most sensitive information – bank accounts, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, health information, children’s information, etc. – is entrusted to the companies with whom we do business and the government. This information is valuable to us. And the companies and governments that collect it are required to safeguard it under the law.

Given the pace of technological change and our increasingly interconnected world, it is not always clear how, and if, it can be done. Seemingly every day, large and small companies are brought to their knees by data breaches, their officers fired from their jobs, their directors on the hook for not doing enough to protect against an ever-evolving array of cyber threats.

Mandelbaum Salsburg’s Privacy, Cybersecurity & Information Management Group, headed by Partner Khizar Sheikh , helps clients navigate changing cybersecurity industry standards, and overlapping, and sometimes inconsistent, systems of international, federal and state laws and regulations. These present not only compliance challenges, but increased risks of potential civil and regulatory liability, financial penalties and reputational harm.

We help our clients understand these issues and how they may impact their businesses. We also identify and evaluate gaps in their understanding and current framework, help them implement legal requirements and best practices, and assist if and when they are faced with a data breach or a data incident. We work closely with them to help them achieve their business goals – being able to use data and harness its potential – but in a way that reduces their risk of violating the law or data breach or data misuse (whether from an internal or external source).

Equally important, we are a resource to help clients in virtually every industry and every line of business – since what business today is not impacted by data?


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